Manicure ideas for New year 2018

New year very soon, and fashionistas at an accelerated pace to prepare for the main event. Festive image must be compelling from A to z, and every detail can make a contribution.

Manicure is the one important detail, the harmonious combination of which with a basic outfit allows you to create a graceful and elegant way.

Latest trends of Christmas nail Polish 2018

Every woman strives to always look perfect, and new year’s eve is particularly vivid and compelling. In creating the perfect image every detail is important – jewelry, makeup, hair, manicure, etc.

For the new year celebrations of the shape and length of nails does not matter. The main thing that their design looked festive with lots of decorations with rhinestones, glitter or the original image.

The main trends of winter 2018 are:

  • luscious deep tones – wine, purple, Royal blue. These colors are used as the basis for nail design. On top of it you can do a Christmas theme or just sprinkle nail glitter.

  • dark shades – don’t worry, no Gothic nail designs. Use several shades of black color with a smooth transition between them for your outfit for the evening.

  • velvet sand – perfect for a winter manicure. Due to the relief texture nail design with velvet replicates the natural snow patterns. For new year corporate party such a pattern is unique.

  • the splendour and luxury – a celebration of gold and metallic luster. Draw on nail patterns with «gold» or «silver» coating and they will make your look elegant and noble.
  • solid gloss – the perfect base for painting Christmas designs on nails.

Christmas designs on nails 2018

Classic French and lunar manicure new year’s eve will look casually, so look at the original drawings with Christmas patterns that will make your look really festive.

Draw on nails all that is associated with winter and happy New year.

It can be:

  • snowflakes
  • snowmen
  • herringbone
  • crochet patterns with gel Polish or silky sand
  • other Christmas paraphernalia

Look at the example of new year’s manicure 2018 is presented below. Many of them reflect not only the glare of the lights and champagne, but also the dreams that sagatavots the last night of the year.

New year’s manicure with gel Polish

In anticipation of the holiday is always not enough time for a manicure, so the best solution would be to use the gel Polish.

Thanks to persistent texture the paint will last not only until Christmas and Old New year. With gel Polish you’ll forget about oblepias marigolds and will be free to enjoy the occasion.

If everyday manicure gel Polish decorated in soothing muted colors for Christmas can be somewhat deviate from the rules and make the sculpturing gel, creating a whole composition in the form of delicate snowflakes, Christmas trees and festive themes.

Trend 2018 – manicure with stamping. For new design, use a lace stamp with gel Polish will create a sophisticated and delicate manicure.

This nail design will look festive, but not too pretentious. Choose neutral shades for nail Polish – blue, white, silver gray etc.

Manicure with symbol of the year 2018

According to the Eastern calendar, a symbol of the upcoming year will be the Yellow earth Dog. To appease this loyal and friendly animal it is necessary to use his image to decorate a Christmas tree, decorate the Windows and even in the design of nails.

Mistress allows you to create a variety of drawings in the form of a dog. You can draw on the nails are a certain breed (there are now about 400 species) and to create their own unique dog.

The pattern may be made in the form of a cute face or the whole animal. Looks very original manicure with a dog-a Dachshund, a «stretched» on all fingers. Believe me, such a design will not go unnoticed.

Drawing can own, with ready-made stickers or go to a professional nail designer who will create a real masterpiece with the symbol of the year 2018 on your nails.

A French Christmas in style

French manicure classic nail design. It is great for all occasions, holidays and events. For Christmas French there are no special recommendations for color, use the one you like best and that fits your new year’s outfit.

Special attention in the new year French is given to the design of «smile.» She may have unusual edges, for example, in the form of pieces of snowflakes and other Christmas patterns.

French in yellow

This color symbolizes peace and tranquility of the symbol of the coming year. You can perform a manicure in two main variations, depending on the style of the event.

To celebrate the New year in with family or corporate event, perform a manicure in a bright yellow color with Christmas motifs and patterns.

For the gala evening will replace the juicy yellow to Golden color, which looks noble and restrained.

New year’s manicure with rhinestones and sequins

Even a manicure with normal varnish can be bright and catchy, if you decorate it with some sequins or stones.

Pofantaziruyte with colors and contrasts and you will get a modern and stylish manicure for new year celebrations.

Nail Polish with sparkles a huge amount. You can accent with rhinestones or sequins 1-2 fingers on the arm rest to put the normal varnish.

Decorate «smile» French manicure or basal space moon manicure with rhinestones and you will get a stylish and festive nail designs that will perfectly fit to your new year look.

Use the broth to «decorate» Christmas trees on your nails or symbols eye dogs-the symbol of the year. This nail art will look dimensional and very realistic.

Christmas lace on nails 2018

It is very common for the Christmas outfit girls choose delicate lace dresses, which create a fragile and delicate way. Is to add patterns on your nails, and you will become truly irresistible.

To create the lace on the nails in several ways:

  • draw your own to – do list for this nail Polish gives us the nature itself. Take a look at the ornate winter patterns on glasses, and you will get an amazing base for a Christmas nail design.

Use some paints delicate winter shades of blue, white, grey, etc.

One of them will use as the basis, and using the other patterns draw a thin brush.

  • use a piece of lace fabric – attach completely dried based on a piece of cloth and Pat apply on top of her nail in a contrasting shade

  • velvet sand – a classic winter nail Polish, allowing you to create a unique raised pattern on the nails. Draw on nails snowflakes, a Christmas tree or other Christmas motifs and liberally sprinkle has not yet dried up varnish velvet sand.

The excess gently swipe with a soft brush.

Ideas for a Christmas manicure so much that one can easily get lost. For a perfect nail design focus primarily on your new year’s outfit. It is the color, style and decoration of the dresses will be decisive in the selection of the best festive manicure 2018.

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