Make in India has meant that India faced a shortage of skilled manpower

As you know, a few years ago in India, the state launched the Make in India initiative, aimed at developing production capacity in the country. Under this strategy, India is trying by various means to interest the largest possible number of companies to place in this country their production.

However, as it turned out, the initiators of this program have thought through not all aspects. Reportedly, the producers who want to work in the framework of Make in India, was faced not only with difficulties with taxation, but with the basic shortage of skilled manpower. Yes, India has a population of over 1.3 billion people, but this country is just beginning its economic (and not only) development. In India simply nowhere to take a sufficient number of qualified specialists in certain sectors of IT, because until recently the needs.

This all leads to the fact that manufacturers are in no hurry to build new factories, and those production processes that are already running are often only an Assembly of those or other devices.

Summing up, sources claim that now in India, there are problems with the labor laws, there is no effort to create an ecosystem of components, no logistics, with transport a big problem. However, given the level of economic development of India just 10 years ago, all these problems is not surprising, and important than their presence, and how quickly and efficiently they will be addressed.


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