Major Chinese manufacturers determined to exit the DRAM market

According to the source, major Chinese manufacturers of semiconductor products Yangtze River Storage Technology (YRST), Fujian Jin Hua Integrated Circuit and Semiconductor GigaDevice intend to enter the DRAM market. Each of them expects to become the largest Chinese supplier of this product.

Behind YRST is a public-private conglomerate Tsinghua Unigroup. In YRST considering buying ready-made factory, designed for plates with a diameter of 300 mm, or building new, which will be available memory type DRAM and NAND. Note that the YRST already has such a factory, which operates a subsidiary of Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing (XMC). By the end of next year the factory should start producing 32-layer, 64-layer flash memory 3D NAND, developed using the technology of Cypress (Spansion). In the production of DRAM company YRST considering the possibility of cooperation with major manufacturers of these products, including Micron Technology.

Company Fujian Jin Hua Integrated Circuit is already building a factory, designed for plates with a diameter of 300 mm Technology for the production of DRAM according to the norms of 25-30 nm is the company will receive from United Microelectronics (UMC).

Details on the activities GigaDevice Semiconductor, more precisely, a joint venture with the company created for the development and production of DRAM, the source does not. We only know that, like other listed companies, the manufacturer will enter into competition in the DRAM market no later than 2018.

Source: Digitimes


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