Maintainability the new Apple TV 4K remained at a high level

Specialists iFixit torn down the new Apple TV 4K.

The first thing that draws attention is the presence of the active cooling system. Why does she need it, if the iPad costs the same SoC A10X passive cooling, is unclear, but Apple knows best.

On the motherboard is located 343S00198 SoC the Apple A10X Fusion, Broadcom BCM57762 Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet chip RAM SK Hynix H9HCNNNBRUMLQR chip flash memory Toshiba THGBX6G8D2LLDXG and other components.

Despite the presence of cooler, inner insert, acting as a radiator, is also present, and remained unchanged in 2015.

In General, the disassembly process is quite simple, but for maintainability the novelty has received eight points out of ten that is similar to the result of the previous model. The only negative is the inability to replace at least some of the main components, as they are all soldered on the motherboard.



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