Maintainability of smart hours Apple Watch Series 3 LTE has not changed compared to last year’s model

Specialists iFixit disassembled the new Apple watch Series 3 LTE and appreciated maintainability. Looking ahead, it is the same as in the previous model: six points out of ten.

This is due to small differences in the design of second and third generation. Accordingly, the disassembly process is approximately the same.

Note that the battery in the new watch exceeds the last element of the model, but very insignificant: 1,07 W·h against 1.03 W·h Given the presence of the cellular module, this is most likely to have a negative impact on autonomy.

Note the changes that have occurred with a single system (SiP): it has lost the protective metal cover. This enables you to look at the internal components.

Among them there is the ST Microelectronics microprocessor ST33G1M2, Wi-Fi adapter Avago AFEM-8057, SkyWorks 78109-12, Apple 339M00035 and other components.

In the pros the new recorded easy replacement of the strap connectors ZIF, easy battery replacement, provided that the display has already been removed. To controversial or negative aspects are the tiny screws, the problem with replacement cables and the inability to replace any components of the SiP.



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