Maintainability of smart hours Apple Watch 2 specialists iFixit assessed at six points

Specialists iFixit disassembled Apple watch 2. The device similar to its predecessor, has significant differences: added a GPS receiver uses a different monohull system, the screen became brighter half, and the case was waterproof. Some differences are clearly visible during disassembly.

The screen and the protective glass attached to the hull with glue. According to stuff, the connection is much more durable than last year’s model. This is probably due to the desire to ensure water resistance.

Connectors that require pressing, gave place to the ZIF connectors. That’s a plus from the point of view of maintainability.

There are also cogs. One of them you need to Unscrew to get to the battery.

The battery is held in place with portions of glue. The battery voltage is 4.35 V, the capacity — 273 mA∙h, or 1.03 W∙h, which is 32% more hours than the first generation. The battery is made in China.

O-ring screen and the sensor Touch Force.

After this was extracted antenna Assembly and loudspeaker, combined with the pump for removal from the hours trapped in the fluid. On queue, a flexible connection fixed to the button Room and head the Digital Crown.

Deeper other components is monohull Apple figure S2 in the case with three plumes conclusions. Her open access sensors on the lid of the watch.

Thus, the device is disassembled. Its maintainability specialists iFixit assessed at six points out of ten.

The strengths of design, they attributed the comparative ease of replacement strap, display and battery. At the same time, packaging Apple S2 does not give chances to replace individual components on the PCB.

Source: iFixit



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