Macronix developing flash memory 3D NAND SSD

The company Macronix, in November last year presented the memory subsystem OctaBus, develops flash memory with a volume layout (3D NAND). According to the head of the company, which refers to the source in the corresponding direction of R & d allocated to more than hundreds of professionals. The manufacturer expects to begin mass production of the chips flash memory 3D NAND, intended for the SSD in 2018. The company believes that in the next ten years, the 3D NAND will be the main type of flash memory.

In addition, specialists Macronix began developing memory 3D ROMs. Its production must also begin in 2018. According to the manufacturer, 3D chip ROM can in some applications replace the NAND chip with a density of 64 and 128 GB.

Macronix initial specialization was to produce chips of flash memory and a NOR mask ROM. In 2012, the company Macronix has started the production of memory type SLC NAND for embedded systems. Allegedly, the demand for these products exceeds the supply, so that in the first quarter saw an increase in prices, which is even more manifest in the second and third quarter.

In response to the growing demand Macronix provides funds to expand production. The expansion of the factory, processing 300-millimeter wafers, the performance is expected to increase from 2000 to 2400 wafers per month.

Source: Digitimes



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