MACOM sells one of the units of the company AppliedMicro, bought a year ago

A year ago it was announced that specializing in the production of analogue RF, microwave and other semiconductor products, the company MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings buys the company AppliedMicro Circuits Corporation, which manufactures products for cloud infrastructure and data centers. Even then, the company MACOM told about the plans to keep the direction AppliedMicro Connectivity, whose products complement the range of MACOM, and sell the direction of computing, AppliedMicro Compute, does not have strategic value. The amount of the transaction, the recall is 770 million dollars.

This week the company MACOM announced that it has reached an agreement to sell the aforementioned units AppliedMicro Compute. The buyer is Project Denver Holdings LLC (NewCo) — a new company created by The Carlyle Group. Under the agreement, in exchange MACOM will receive shares in NewCo.

For reference: The Carlyle Group is among the largest and most successful global investment companies. In its management are assets with a total value of over 170 billion dollars. In MACOM expects that the NewCo leadership and financial support Carlyle will provide the company long-term success, so for MACOM this investment will be profitable.


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