MacBook Pro users report increasing autonomy after the update macOS Sierra 10.12.2

As we already reported, Apple has published an update 10.12.2 for the operating system macOS Sierra, which, in particular, corrects errors in the graphics system.

We also noted the disappearance of the status menu information about the remaining time of the laptop from the battery, which is different commented users. Now in the Network appeared the reviews of owners who have tested their laptops after installing macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

Users of applications such as СoconutBattery claim that when running on battery the MacBook Pro now uses less energy, as a result, the autonomy of the device increased.

«Update macOS Sierra 10.12.2 fixed it. Now the laptop is running 9-10 hours in normal mode, the user writes MacRumors forum under the name lobo1978. — To install the update in standby mode the notebook consumes less than 6 watts. Now, he consumes less than 4 watts at 60% brightness».

«To install the update, the laptop worked 7-9 hours at 50-60% brightness — notes user JohnnyGo. Now he works more than 10 hours with brightness at 70-75% with the included Wi-Fi and Bluetooth».

If Apple really increased the operation time of the MacBook Pro in the IOS, the company chose to do this quietly, without confirming that the problem really existed.



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