Lyft announces the development of «an open self-managed systems» for cars

The company Lyft, United with Waymo in the development of driverless cars, began to implement the plan, which needs to be built «hybrid ecosystem», including self-driving cars and machines controlled by people.

The company formed a division, which experts will be engaged in the development of «an open self-managed systems» (Open SDS). According to Luke Vincent (Luc Vincent), Vice-President of Lyft, who headed the unit, it included 10% of the company’s engineers.

Being a taxi service whose machines perform daily a huge amount of orders, Lyft gets the opportunity to quickly collect the data necessary to accelerate machine learning. This data is available to partners, including automakers such as General Motors, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Vincent raised two interesting considerations concerning the future of road transport.

First, self-driving cars will not replace cars, bicycles, and always will coexist with them.

Second, the proliferation of self-driving cars and sharing services will reduce the number of vehicles and simplify transport infrastructure. Roads, Parking lots, gas stations will occupy less space, freeing it for parks, playgrounds, homes and other buildings. Will decrease the contribution of vehicles to air pollution.


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