Luxury lingerie: fashion 2018

The image of a lady should be perfect from A to Z. Critical evaluation is subjected to even the closet, which is hidden from prying eyes, namely underwear.

Fashion stylish underwear also exists and includes many items – corsets, bras, panties, stockings etc.

Creating a perfect image, don’t forget to take care of fashionable underwear, the main trends of which are already presented by the designers.

Classic underwear

Classic lace lingerie has always been the subject preferences of most women.

Soft and romantic lace allows the girl to feel more feminine and confident.

Sets with lace bodice and g-string black and white present in the wardrobe of every woman. This everyday underwear is always true and fits many items of clothing – dresses with plunging necklines, translucent blouses or tight sweaters.


In the coming year will be the actual strapless bodice type with white lace with thin straps.

Very attractive look strapless bodice with a lace design, which fades into the straps. The crocheted bodice is complemented by a girdle of the same type.

Designers are advised to choose a monochromatic sets quiet tones: white, brown, Burgundy, black, cream, etc.

Fishnet tops and panties 2018 richly decorated with embroidery, which fits perfectly into the main lace pattern and complement it.

Fashionable underwear in sporty style 2018

Designers presented a collection of sports underwear will delight fashionistas with a variety of styles and colors.

Trend 2018 – sports underwear with a bodice in the form of «boxers», made in a variety of colors.


Sports underwear with geometric patterns will also find their fans, striving to adhere to strict forms even in relation to underwear.

Another relevant option sports underwear – bodice with deep cups and panty-shorts. Underwear is refers to the closed type, but it is nevertheless shining bright patchwork panels, embroidery.

Choosing sports underwear, pay special attention to the tissue from which it is made. The fabric should be lightweight, breathable. Pull a little linen in different directions, make sure it is free stretched.

This will avoid rubbing, this lingerie will not hamper the movement.

Fashionable retro linen 2018

The classical form of underwear in 2018 will again be relevant.

High waisted panty, satin tops and bustiers are especially necessary for cold autumn and winter.

Tops underwear style the perfect base for autumn suits-two or under a sweater.

The famous fashion house presented a large collection of lower retro-style underwear with bustami and black tops that look great on ladies with plus-size size bed.

Choosing retro linen remember the main trend 2018 – a minimum of frills and unnecessary details.

Elegance, clean lines, a minimum of frills and decoration – all this is true for underwear-retro 2018.

Fashionable seamless lingerie 2018

Despite the diversity of styles of underwear, materials and all sorts of decor, the main criterion in choosing clothes remain comfort and functionality.

Seamless underwear tend to choose young girls who wish to maximally fit the body, making the clothes almost imperceptible.

Seamless lingerie perfectly corrects minor imperfections of the figure.

Designers are not left without the attention of girls who are not satisfied with their breast size.

Push up bigger bust and looks very elegant and sexy.

New 2018 – strapless push-up bra with special pockets containing silicone or foam inserts.

Sexy lingerie 2018

Sexy lingerie for special occasions, so it should be as spectacular and captivating.

Adhere to the harmonious combination of linen with your evening. If this evening dress with a deep neckline and open shoulders, you need a bra with support.

Popular silicone strapless or bras with drop-snap closure that open up the chest.

For a fitted formal suits and fitted dresses can not do without the kit slimming corrective underwear.

One of the variations of sexy underwear – sexy lingerie. This particular lingerie is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the female body.

Sexy lingerie is often made from sheer airy fabrics, adorned with ribbons, embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, playing a purely decorative role.

Beautiful delicate sexy lingerie 2018 – a real work of art, alluring quirkiness with sexy cut-outs and decor.

Erotic lingerie is a perfect gift for a loved one, a way of showing true feelings and undisguised desire.

Underwear for the wedding of 2018

In choosing underwear for your wedding there are very important laws, the observance of which will make the bride perfect.

One of the most important rules is to choose lingerie for the bride after the selected wedding dress.

It is on the basis of the color of the dress, the texture of the fabric, embroidery or other decorations chosen underwear. It must necessarily be of the same colors with the dress, there should be no hint on the differences.

Choose a style of bra that is «hide» under the dress, no part of the bodice should not peek out from under the dress.

Silicone straps and fastening are also banned: this is unacceptable, looks vulgar and ugly.

If the bust wedding dresses are secured on the neck, then choose the appropriate style of bodice.

Increasingly, the wedding images are slimming corsets that perfectly emphasize the figure. Wearing a corset all day is exhausting and difficult, but if you chose a similar style, you pre-purchase the corset and wear it some time at home to get used to it.

If you want to get rid of unnecessary problems in such an important day, then stay at a comfortable and practical slimming underwear bodysuit and panties with high waist.

Underwear is an important component of the ideal feminine image. Keep in their wardrobe few sets of lingerie that are suitable to the most different situations and you will always feel confident.

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