Lunar calendar for manicure in 2018

It is considered that the lunar cycle has a strong impact on human life in its different spheres. Scientists working in this field have already found ample evidence to support this fact. In ancient times people began to see the relationship of health status with changes in the position of the heavenly bodies. Since were removed the patterns that we use successfully in the modern world.

The condition of nails is one of the indirect indicators of health. That is why caring for them is also tied to the lunar calendar in order to procedure gave the best result.

Lunar calendar and «beauty days» in it

Lunar calendar gives a clear indication of favorable and unfavorable days for manicure and other beauty treatments.

In 2018 should pay attention to the phases of the moon. These days, the procedures will bring the least benefit. Making the plan and make an appointment to master, you need to check the lunar cycle and avoid visits to the salon these days. It is important to note that the mood also depends on the phases of the moon. That is why what seems stylish and bright leaving for the moon late in the growing disappoint and will seem boring.

To schedule a manicure is recommended for a days of the new moon or growing moon. During this period the body condition conducive to cleaning procedures. The state of mind these days also contributes to the creation of a spectacular and neat manicure.


In January 2018, have plenty of days to organize beauty treatments. The ideal would be to choose one of the following dates: from 10 to 16, 17, 23. It is impossible to do a manicure from 1 to 9 Jan. If auspicious days to enroll to the master failed, then you can choose one of the neutral days. In bad days, you can minimize the beauty treatments. If necessary it is allowed to file the nail plate. Baths for hands are also permitted.


Auspicious days in February will be the number 10, 11, 17, 18, 19. These days you can spend manicure, to build and to cover the nail varnish. A positive impact on the skin paraffin. To avoid all sorts of treatments is 4, 14 and 26 Feb. Only three days in the month in which you need to take a break. Optionally, you can enroll to the master in the neutral days. Manicure is recommended only on auspicious days because of its high morbidity.


In March only one auspicious day – 15th day. Knowing this, you need to think in advance the program for a month and get a manicure this day. But days with negative energy are many: from 2 to 8 March and from 23 to 30 March. Other days are neutral. If necessary, you can assign the simplest beauty treatments these days.

This month it is better to do a manicure in a neutral hue. Polish for it should have a protective and therapeutic functions. If you cut your nails in a negative days, you can get problems with the gastrointestinal tract and financial difficulties.


In April, only three of auspicious day – 16, 21, 23. But the negative is so much more: from 8 to 15 April and 30 April. Manicures in the days with negative energy will bring ruin to the entrepreneurs and troubles those who have in the relationship there are difficulties. Neutral days can do a hand massage using essential and cosmetic oils. Favorable days this month allow you to do complicated procedure: build-up, gel coating, bright drawings, three-dimensional appliques and gluing rhinestones.


In may, many days with good energy. These are the days from 22 to 29 may and from 16 to 21 may. Negative energy is felt from 1 may to 7 may. In may you can safely make complex manicure. Home methods of nail care it is better to postpone for another time and all auspicious days to devote to salon procedures. But in bad days, avoid nail Polish altogether, as it can negatively affect the emotional state. For a neutral day let massage and simple bathtubs.


In July manicure you can give days from 13 to 17 and 20 to 27 inclusive. Adverse bottom a little. This 28, 29 and 30 may. Neutral days it is not necessary to do manicure and rasp the nail plate. In the days with positive energy you can generate on nails bright applique or make capacity. For healthy nails you can make the cover, the sealing plate. Also good to get a manicure with rhinestones and other bright elements.


In July, a manicure is better to do from 13 to 16 and from 18 to 27 July. Avoid beauty treatments you need from 28 to 31 the number. When absolutely necessary you can adjust the nails and to paint them in neutral colors.



In August a lot of positive days: 11, 12, 18-25 Aug. To do the procedure not necessary 4 through August 10. Neutral days – all the rest. Making nail Polish in auspicious days, you can ensure yourself the energy to implement plans related to business sphere. Manicures in unfavorable days are likely to entail the loss of vitality.


In September, the beauty treatments better target the date from 17 to 24. At this time, the nails well-takes a hot manicure, shellac, gel extensions and other complex procedures. In date 3 through 8 and 25 through September 27 hands is better not to touch. In these days of hygienic and decorative manipulation may not yield the desired results.


October pleases many days with a positive charge. To do them from 9 to 23 numbers. But a lot this month and negatively charged days: 24-31 Sep. Remaining neutral days also allow trips to the salon and home care of hands and nails.


In November also a lot of favorable days. They fall to 7-22 number. During this period, it is useful to attend to the health of the nail and procedures of youth for your skin. On days 1 to 3 and 21 to 25 of September of such action it is better not to take.


In December, the treatments themselves useful to 7 to the 21st, inclusive. The effect of such events on days 22 to 26 September will not be noticeable. Even possible negative consequences.

Recommendations the capsules according to the days of the week

In addition to the lunar cycle there are other factors affecting the timing of hygienic procedures. Monday is health day. On this day all the treatments for nails will have the most beneficial effect. On Monday, you can come clean to make a mask for your nails and hands.

If there is a feeling of insecurity, then on Tuesday I need a manicure and mood to improve. Any beauty procedure on this day will make you think about yourself a little bit better than usual.

To prepare for important negotiations or business lunch is to get a manicure on Wednesday. This day is responsible for the communication abilities of the person. Beauty treatments on Wednesday to spur oratorical ability and force with greater urgency to defend their point of view.

Thursday is the best day to update. Procedures this day will be the most effective. The manicure will last longer, and masks for nails and hands will bring tangible profit. In addition to the physical updates this afternoon with nail Polish, you can achieve emotional balance.

On Friday it is better to postpone a manicure. This day functions of the body slow down. Braking in natural processes can adversely affect the cosmetic and hygiene procedures.

Instead, it is better to carry out the procedure of manicure on Saturday. In this day you need to get rid of all the excess. Therefore, to shorten the nails and remove cuticles need it on Saturday.

Sunday, according to all sources, the day of the manicure. Better to rest and not to load yourself physically and mentally. Manicure to some extent also the work, so it is better to postpone.

Following these simple recommendations, you can get the most out of any process associated with the care of hands and nails.

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