Lumlight collects funds for the release of OLED table lamp

The Taiwanese company’s Luminescence Technology (Lumtec), which produces materials for OLED, established a subsidiary, called Lumlight. Task Lumlight the development and production of lighting devices that use OLED technology. The first product was Lumlight table lamp EyeCare OLED Lamp. Now Lumlight raises funds for its production through crowdfunding website KickStarter.

According to the developers, OLED lamp Lamp EyeCare is eye safe because it is not glaring, and in its spectrum there is no excess of blue that is characteristic of fluorescent lamps and inorganic LEDs are bright. In addition, the lamp puts out very little heat.

The design of OLED Lamp EyeCare provides for the rotation of the light-emitting element 360° and is adjustable to three different brightness. Further replacement of the light-emitting panel. The panel lifetime is 30 000 h. Will the proposed panel, with a color temperature of 3000K and 4000K. The color rendering index greater than 90. Lamp brightness — 450 Lux, and the luminous efficiency — 60 LM/W.

To organize the production of table lamps OLED Lamp EyeCare, enough $15 000. One lamp costs about $150.

Source: Kickstarter



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