LuDela portégé smart candle

The tendency to turn ordinary devices into smart, giving them a processor and network connection, is gaining momentum. The company LuDela announced the release of the world’s first smart candles. Verify that the new product actually is a light source with open flame, although it would be better to talk about smart lamp, which is loaded candle.

The Wi-Fire allows you to control the lamp via a wireless network, and not only igniting and extinguishing a candle, but also adjusting the brightness of the flame (due to the length of the wick). In addition, you can manage just a group of candles. The mobile application receives from the lamp information about the remaining time of burning and the battery. The candle can turn on and off on schedule and the timer.

The manufacturer notes that LuDela fully consumes the wax and is more economical, safe and convenient lamp, than the traditional candles that should be lit and extinguished manually. When this is fully preserved the flavor of live fire. The casing of the lamp, imitating decorative candle is replaceable. The user can choose its color.

LuDela price is approximately $99. Taking pre-orders already started. Shipment is scheduled for early 2017.

Source: LuDela


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