Lucid electric Motors appeared to show Los Angeles Auto Show, but while in camouflage

For the first time about Lucid electric Motors we learned last month. Then the company conducted an online presentation of his first offspring, showing just a few images from which to judge the exterior of the car overall was not.

But Lucid Motors brought a prototype at the auto show Los Angeles Auto Show, which starts on November 18, allowing you to evaluate the product design. However, the car was camouflaged vinyl film with a specific pattern, which allows you to fully appreciate the car. Probably during the exhibition the film will be removed.

But you can see the car looks quite aggressive, standing out thin slits of the front optics. Besides, the Lucid Motors published a picture, where her first-born nestles between the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class, showing thus a difference in size.

As for the technical data are only aware that the manufacturer promises a power reserve of approximately 480 km and features a full autopilot. But when the car appears on the market is unclear.

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