LTE network on the moon will start to build next year

German startup Part Time Scientists shared their plans to install LTE base station on a natural satellite of our planet in the next year. This will allow the Rovers to share the obtained data with the Ground not directly but via the base station.

The developers of the Part Time Scientists has already signed a contract with SpaceX, the launch vehicle that the Falcon 9 must deliver a spacecraft called Alina to the moon, after which Alina will make a soft landing on the moon. Then two Lunokhod Lunar Audi Quatro disconnected from Alina and head to the landing site of Apollo 17 («Apollo-17″).

The team that will manage the operation of the Earth believes that the base station of LTE will allow you to save some time and money and increase the quality of communication with the Rovers. According to official data, the Part Time Scientists has already received the support of Vodafone to send LTE base station on the moon. Alina will receive the data from the two Rovers and transmit them to the Ground.

Part Time Scientists could become the first private startup that is on the surface of the moon. The team plans to collect data necessary for the deployment of permanent cellular network on the moon, which should play an important role in further study of the satellite.



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