Low specialists iFixit appreciated maintainability Amazon Echo Show

At the time smart speaker system Amazon Tap and Echo iFixit have earned seven points for maintainability. Yesterday these same guys have published the result of disassembly of the device Echo’s new Show.

The process of disassembly you can see in the video below.

The whole process was somewhat hampered by an abundance of glue.

On the motherboard devices were detected Intel Atom x5-Z8350, H9CCNNNBKTML chip RAM SKHynix chip flash memory Sandisk SDIN9DS2-8G, adapter Broadcom/Cypress BCM43570KFFBG chip flash memory Winbond 25Q16FW, touch screen controller Goodix GT9271 and kind of chip SND9039A2.

Unfortunately, the novelty Amazon earned only four points. Of unequivocal benefits she has only the use of standard screws. The disadvantages and minuses recorded the abundance of glue, soldered buttons and the power socket, the complexity of the dismantling of the display and the need sometimes to use the knife in the process of dismantling.



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