Long skirts: trends 2018

Trends of the past year have demonstrated the tendency of contemporary designers to abandon the styles unisex and androgenetic. In the new collections there are more skirts in different styles, lengths, colors and styles.

To emphasize the femininity in the new season are called Maxi skirts. They will be made of all kinds of fabrics in the form of Solncekljosh, trapeze, a-line and others. On the runways in collections for 2018 reigned models in floor, suitable for any figure type.

Textured fabric for Maxi

In the new season in the top of the dense materials. Popularity will be in corduroy, suede, leather, tight knit, Jersey. They will be combined in a single product with chiffon, lustrous satin, velvet and light transparent fabrics. The combination of two items, contrasting in density and texture, fabrics will be the trend of 2018.

The skin is to talk separately, because this material dominates in the new season. The selected model from this tissue must be different from the usual image: it has no rivets and chains, it does not consider their owner to any of aggressive subcultures.

Skin will look spectacular in the skirt is A-line, trapeze and other types of free cut. It is important that the floor-length skirt was feminine. On the catwalks, similar article of clothing can be found in sports, casual and business lines. Skirt exclusively looks great with shirts and blouses fitted silhouette.

Color palette for the new season

Among the variety of prints occupy a special place cycloid. For skirts, you will see small and large flowers, leaves and other plant elements. It is not necessary that part of the floristic pattern had natural color: blue or red leaves are consistent with the mainstream of the season.

Bored all over many previous years, roses has been replaced in the new season for wildflowers. Now peonies, daisies and forget-me-nots decorate the dark background of the Maxi skirts. Technique of painting batik will also be a trend of 2018 and is located in the wardrobes of fashionistas.

Also, its popularity will not lose geometric patterns. All kinds of lines, shapes, three-dimensional cubes and triangles – all these elements decorate modern lovers of long skirts. No less relevant will remain all kinds of peas.

Last season, moved in a new black color and hints of milk. The range will dilute the muted khaki and pale orange. Among saturated colors, preference is given to deep blue, and bright mustard color Marsala, which has already conquered world’s catwalks in the form of manicure, colors dresses and accessories.

Trends 2018

Fashion is the peplum. This decor is not for everyone. But he is able to give the silhouette of sexiness and femininity. Strict pencil skirt or product of rough skin with peplum becomes the personification of softness and tenderness.

A modern interpretation of this element of decor moved lower to the hem. With this step, the designers have created a silhouette resembling a half-opened flower that successfully demonstrates the female essence.

In Vogue again includes gentle and feminine style new Bow. Skirts in this style have a slightly higher waist, pulling figure, and are made of dense fabric. The shape of the silhouette may be straight, flared or tapered. The main thing is to keep the crisp lines. The Creator of the style used peplum to accentuate the focus of the images.

Also on the catwalks appeared skirt with a top layer of soft mesh, forming loose pleats. Transparency is the trend of the new season. It is successfully demonstrated such famous fashion houses like Sonia Rykiel and Valentino Red. This trend is accentuated sexuality is paralleled by dense impenetrable textures. The alternative will be chiffon, lace, organza.

It is important to preserve the mystique. The most interesting part of the female figure, masked by the dense folds of lace, embroidery or applique. Particularly impressive, these clothes seem in black color.

Bold images decorate slits. The floor-length skirt in this case lets users show off their sexy ladies. Especially high slits masked by the folds and waves, which deprives them of vulgarity.

The original fossil steel small slits in the front. A modest neckline, you can see only when a girl goes. Slightly parted legs intrigue and fascinate.

Pleated Maxi skirt for many years present in fashion collections. The main feature of the skirt-ribs, is the dynamism of the movement. In the new year pleated skirt made of dense fabric. Preference will be given to models with a large ripple. Accentuated feminine skirts for the designers would be combined with a deliberately brutal things: the oversized sweater, combat boots.

Model trapezoidal shape in the new season will compete with all other relevant forms. Their main feature is the simplicity and conciseness. These skirts are complemented by suitable patterns and small decorative accessories. To form the product kept, it is recommended to sew from a dense velvet, taffeta, leather, suede.

The geometry of the skirt will allow her to become a part of almost every known style. Such clothing suggests a combination of shirts, tops, jumpers, bombers.

Designers offer to shift the focus and shift attention with fabrics and colors in ways of dressing. This time the skirts are decorated with Drapes and ruches. In this wave they are not layered, and concise. It is important to create fluffiness in the right place, emphasizing the female form, not exaggerating them. To ensure the desired effect, the product must be solid-color or monochrome. Here you can find a large amount of asymmetry in the models.


Another trend will be the smell on the skirt. For many years this element styles have been unjustly forgotten. But the new season returned the convenience and practicality of the smell in the collections of international designers. The use of modelling skirts smell similar to cut. It is important to achieve a touch of sexuality without a hint of vulgarity.

Maxi is a must-have for every fashion diva. Closet girls, fashion, can contain several different models of long skirts. Regardless of profession and lifestyle, a woman can pick out a model that will be comfortable and will accentuate her personality.

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