Logitech ZeroTouch allows you to use the Amazon Alexa in the car

Logitech has announced a partnership with Amazon that allowed to add support for a virtual voice assistant Alexa in the device Logitech Air Vent and ZeroTouch ZeroTouch Logitech Dashboard. Recall that the latter are smart car mount for smartphones with OS Android. From now on, users of Logitech ZeroTouch get the opportunity to have voice interaction with the Alexa and smart home systems, including lighting, locks and thermostats being in the car.

Mentioned fasteners, with which the smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, as before, allow to make voice calls, dictate text messages to report the car’s location with others (Glympse service), play audio (Spotify and Deezer), use the navigation tools (Google Maps, Navigon or Waze) and listen to incoming messages.

Updated ZeroTouch application with support for Alexa is now available in Google Play. For obvious reasons, to access the Alexa will need the appropriate account.

Source: Logitech



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