Logitech PowerPlay — pad, able to constantly recharge it lying on the mouse

Logitech introduced a rather interesting device called the PowerPlay. It is connected to PC by USB pad. But it is made not to implement backlighting, and constant recharging of wireless mice.

The pad, being connected to a PC, generates an electromagnetic field which the Powercore modules in the bears convert into electricity to charge the batteries. Logitech claims that this does not affect the speed of operation of the manipulators.

The rug is estimated at $ 100. Its dimensions are 320 x 275 mm. It comes complete with two surfaces: soft and hard. Of course, it Mat need a corresponding mouse.

At the start of sales will be available in two models: G903 for $ 150 and G703 for $ 100. Perhaps if the concept will show itself well, Logitech will release more different models of the Powercore modules. To by the mouse will be in June, but the pad will go on sale only in August.



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