Logitech has recorded a growth of all financial indicators, as sales of gaming solutions grew 44%

Logitech also reported for the previous quarter. For this manufacturer recently ended second quarter of fiscal year 2018.

Ended with revenue growth of 12% to 634 million dollars. Operating profit rose by the same amount, reaching $ 60 million, and earnings per share amounted to 0.34 dollars, 21% more than a year ago. The company’s net profit for the year increased from 47 to 57.4 million.

Half of the proceeds provided three categories of devices: mouse, keyboard, and gaming products. The first two categories showed sales growth of only 1% and 3%, respectively, and the latter 44%. But the biggest growth was in the category of devices for the smart home — 56%. The decline in sales (7%) showed only one category — mobile acoustic system.



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