Lock iOS Activation Lock can be hacked by entering too long a user name and password for Wi-Fi

Starting with iOS 7, Apple’s mobile devices function Activation Lock, working in conjunction with the service Find My iPhone. It is designed to lock lost or stolen smartphones, tablets, and smart watches Apple, to ensure that nobody could use these devices.

Feature Activation Lock is enabled automatically when you enable Find My iPhone. From this moment on, to turn off Find My iPhone, a full reset, re-activate or use the device you must enter the correct password.

However, one of the researchers in computer security have managed to hack iPad Air with iOS v10.1 have been protected by Activation Lock. This was enough to enter too long string as the name and password in the configuration of WPA2-Enterprise to access a Wi-Fi network, the connection to which the device is required to validate password in Find My iPhone.

As stated, the machine froze up, and then the researcher translated it into sleep mode by closing corporate case. After waking up the login dialog to the network failed opening access to the device.

According to the detected the error, he had already reported it to the manufacturer who is studying the situation.

Source: CDR info



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