Live smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 still looks different than on presentation images

Yesterday the company Xiaomi introduced the Mi 2 smartphone Mix, which display is, according to the manufacturer, 93% of the area of the front surface. The official images of the smartphone seemed almost revolutionary, but we all remember, as was the case with the first model of Mi Mix.

Later, the Network appeared «live» photos of the new Chinese giant, so now we have the opportunity to compare the presentation image and the actual appearance of the smartphone.

There is no doubt that Mi Mix 2 looks impressive. Of course, today will introduce the iPhone X, but not the fact that Apple will be able to beat Xiaomi.

Whatever it was, now is not it. To fully appreciate the difference between images and reality, you need to look at the white version of the news.

As you can see, Xiaomi again embellished reality. Yes it does most manufacturers, but in the case of models Mi Mix is too conspicuous. Frame around the display will not go away and the thickness is approximately equal to the frame in the previous model. In the upper part there was even a place dynamics.

By the way, the white version is different from the black, not only color. This is a limited edition version. First, it will have 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. Second, the Golden ring around the camera and the fingerprint scanner is really 18-carat gold plating. But that’s not all.

If you pay attention on the side, you can see that they are made not of aluminium, base Mi Mix 2, and from the same pottery, and the back of the housing.



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