«Live pictures» made through the Apple iPhone store location data without permission

The Apple turned out to be the heroes of the news regarding the leak of confidential data. This time difference is not even own smartphones, and the Live Photos, allowing you to create «living photos» that actually are simply short videos.

About the problem reported by a resident of China who owns an iPhone 7. According to the source, the woman «living photos» with his daughter made in kindergarten, in social network Weibo. Half an hour later she was contacted by an unknown man and reported the exact location of the children’s institutions.

The owner of the smartphone notes that the caller malice had simply warned the woman that «living photos» contains GEODATA. Also the woman said that it is not activated in any smartphone functions for determining the location of the device and specify these data on the images.

It turned out that the information about the place, which was done «live photos» can be obtained by downloading it from the Network. While conventional photo no GEODATA was not.

An Apple representative to question about this situation said that the location feature is used to help users to store more data about themselves, and disabling it may affect the other functions of the smartphone.



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