Liquid cooling systems NZXT Kraken compatible with Intel in the performance LGA2066

As you know, Intel started selling processors Core X LGA 2066. NONETHELESS, the company found it necessary to clarify the question of compatibility with LGA 2066 manufactured by the cooling systems.

According to the manufacturer, all modern models of liquid cooling systems NZXT Kraken fully compatible with the new CPU socket. A regular mount supports LGA 2066, without requiring any revision or replacement of the elements. Installation ITS a Kraken on a motherboard with a LGA 2066 is the same as on Board with socket 2011 or LGA2011-V3.

For final clarity the company has published the list of models ITS a Kraken, compatible with Intel LGA 2066. It includes model, Kraken X31, Kraken X41, Kraken X61, Kraken X42, X52 Kraken and Kraken X62.

Source: NZXT



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