Liqid and Kingston introduced the fastest SSD size 2.5 inch

Company Liqid and Kingston Technology unveiled at the event, Flash Memory Summit, taking place in the Californian city of Santa Clara, SSD Powered Liqid U. 2. According to the partners, it is the fastest SSD in the world with PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 with NVMe support, which can be configured as two port PCIe x2 . Drive size 2.5 inches equipped with a connector SFF-8639. The amount of drive reaches a 3.9 TB.

As for speed, in mixed mode it is 5.5 GB/s sequential read or write drive indicator shows the 3.6 GB/s Performance on the operations random access is 1 150 000 IOPS in mixed mode and 850 000 IOPS in read mode. In record mode, the peak value is also equal to 850,000 IOPS, but steady — much less 275 000 IOPS. To obtain such high performance allowed the use of multiple controllers Phison PS5007-E7.

Information about the beginning of sales and price yet.

Source: Liqid



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