Linfiny joint venture created by Sony and E Ink, is primarily engaged in electronic notebooks

On the establishment of companies E Ink and Sony joint venture became known in April. Now, however, sources have shared details regarding this SP.

The newly formed company is called Linfiny. She will begin work before the end of the year, although more precise data are not available. The spring was mentioned that SP is created for «planning, design, development, production, sales, distribution and licensing of products that use electrophoretic displays.»

Now it is reported that the first time the emphasis Linfiny will do in the development of electronic notebooks equipped with E Ink panels. In fact, it is large e-books, but with stylus support and a specially adapted. Such products are already present on the market, though not very common. However, Sony and E Ink see the need for a greater number of such devices.

In particular, the focus on the professional sphere, education, health and financial segments. She Linfiny, apparently, will not engage in the production, at least at first. Instead, the company will offer customers some additional services to accelerate the development of final products.

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