Line of smartphones Meizu Blue Charm and share even more

The first rumors that the Chinese manufacturer Meizu’s plans to split the brands and the Meizu Blue Charm, crawled back in December of last year. In the spring of 2017 they have again started to be discussed in the Network.

The Blue Charm lineup, the first smartphone which was the Meizu M1 Note, was released in 2014 was always interesting budget smartphones. In late August, the company said that in the first half of next year in the line of the Blue Charm will be more expensive smartphones, equipped with the SoC Qualcomm and Samsung.

According to recent reports, the Vice-President Meizu Li Nan (Li Nan) means even more to distance the two brands by opening a separate web site dedicated only to smartphones and other products Blue Charm.

While it is not entirely clear whether the opening of a new site the signal for the final separation of the brands. Much more interesting seems the question will be whether the site is international, whether it will be a store accepting orders from all over the world.



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