Like in Avatar: in Korea taking its first steps, the robot-mech, which will be sold at a price of more than $8 million

The South Korean company Mirae Hankook Technology, which specializiruetsya on robotics, has unveiled his latest development called Method-2.

We should start with terminology. Fur (fur, eng. mech/mecha) is a species of robots that move with legs (usually two or four) and piloted by a man inside.

Robot-mech Method-2 weighs about 1.5 tons and its height is almost 4 m. the Mass of each arm is 130 kg. the Company claims that over the past two years she has spent about 200 million dollars to build this robot.

Method-2 was created with the participation invited from Hollywood specialist visual effects Bulgarov Vitali, who took part in creating the robots for the movies Transformers, Robocop, Terminator.

The developers say that Method 2 must help to work in dangerous conditions in which people can not be without protection. In the future these robots can be used in the production, loading/unloading and in military operations. Such robots millions of people have seen in science fiction films such as «Avatar».

At the moment the robot takes its first steps, and engineers improve the operation of the power plant and system balancing. The developers claim that these robots will surely be moved on any surface in several years.

Method-2 will go on sale late next year for about $8.3 million


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