Lights for the toilet IllumiBowl Anti-Germ fighting germs

The company IllumiBowl released a self-titled lighting for the toilet in 2014. Product found popularity in certain circles of users, now the developers are preparing to release an improved version — IllumiBowl Anti-Germ.

As the name implies, IllumiBowl Anti-Germ is designed to eliminate microbes. The device is equipped with a diode emitting light of wavelengths 470 nm, which are harmful for germs and bacteria, but not cause any harm to humans. Such medical technology is used in hospitals.

IllumiBowl Anti-Germ is suitable for any toilet and operates from power sources of AA. Light turns on automatically when motion is detected in dark room. Users can choose from eight colors and three set the brightness level.

Currently the team has raised four times more funds than planned. At this stage IllumiBowl Anti-Germ available for only $ 10. After release in July this year, the price will double.

The owners of such accessory may also be interested in smart bidet that has provided LG Uplus.


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