Lighting led Samsung D-series Special Color for commercial applications provide natural and vivid colors

Samsung Electronics has introduced led lighting D-series Special Color. According to the manufacturer, these lights are designed for commercial applications, provide a more natural and vivid color than the «normal LEDs». To illustrate examples of the latter on the left, new led Samsung on the right. Verify that the South Korean manufacturer offers models that are optimized for coverage of three types of objects: clothes, meat products and vegetables.

The secret D-series — specially selected emission spectrum, providing a high value of color rendering index without the use of harmful ultraviolet radiation. According to the manufacturer, to obtain this result, other LEDs used radiation near the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, can damage the organs of vision and lead to fading colors on the clothes.

Lighting led Samsung D-series Special Color with power from 13 to 33 watts already are commercially available. Dimensions and mounting they are fully interchangeable with led Samsung D-series.



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