LG V30 with honor withstood the test of blogger jerryrigeverything once

Smartphone LG V30 fell into the hands of a blogger with the alias would be better if I gave jerryrigeverything once and was subjected to the standard test Suite.

All this can be seen in the video, we will select the point.

The smartphone overall scored well. His glass is resistant to scratching exactly the same way as most other smartphones on the market. In addition, V30 is conventionally impossible to bend by hand. Note that in this case, we mean the application of force to the average person, so how in the world clearly there are those who will be able to bend almost any modern smartphone.

But with the heat situation worse. As you can see, when the 10-second heating with a lighter on the screen formed a stain that remains there forever. This is due to the use of OLED panel. But this test is far from real scenarios, so buyers V30 unlikely to worry about this.



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