LG to invest in robots

According to the source, the South Korean company LG Electronics announced its intention to invest heavily in robots, hoping to benefit from progress in the field of artificial intelligence, which at some point will lead to the emergence of complex and sophisticated machines that perform the daily tasks of the person.

LG preparing to enter the market for robots is in charge of producing household appliances. The professionals of this Department is developing robots that work in close contact with household appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers and air conditioners.

«We prepare for the future, actively investing in smart home, robots and key components, and strengthen the ability of units of home appliances» — leads the source words of the head of the unit.

Exactly how much LG is planning to invest and when do we expect the first results are not reported.

The interest in robots is high around the world. Advances in artificial intelligence and wireless connectivity allow you to create smart products that interact with each other over the network to solve more complex tasks. It is assumed that investments in robots will help to solve socio-economic problems of developed countries, ageing population and decreasing birth rates, because the robots will be able to take on some work of man.

Source: Reuters



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