LG, Sony and Sharp increase the supply of TV through Samsung and Chinese manufacturers

According to industry sources, LG, Sony and Sharp increase the supply of TV through Samsung and major Chinese manufacturers, which, by contrast, has reduced the supply.

The company originally planned to release this year, 48 million TV sets, which is slightly more than last year 46 million pieces. However, as stated, the South Korean manufacturer had to adjust the plan to 45 or even up to 42 million units, as demand has decreased.

Although confirmation of this information, it has already led to higher prices for LCD panels for TVs.

It is expected that the plan for the supply does not comply not only Samsung, but also five of the six largest Chinese manufacturers (excluding TCL).

At the same time, LG is credited with the increase in supply up to 29 million shares. Last year, the company issued 28 million TV sets. It is expected that Sony will increase the supply from 12 to 13 million units. To increase the supply of these producers helps the interest of consumers to models with OLED screens.

To increase production, Sony and LG are turning to third-party manufacturers: Sony, to TPV Technology and Foxconn Electronics, which this year will release 6 million TV sets under the brand name Sony; LG — TPV Technology, Skyworth and BOE Vision-electronic Technology, which will produce 4 million TV sets under the brand name LG.

Sharp this year increase production of televisions more than doubled to 9-9,5 million pieces.

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