LG showed a bending OLED lamp that can run for more than 10 years

During the exhibition, DesignJunction London, the company LG Display showed off a new OLED lamp. Manufacturer first showed similar production in 2014, but in recent years their capabilities have increased considerably.

First of all, the data of the lighting panels are very thin, and second, they can be curved, creating bizarre lighting that will provide interior designers with new opportunities. New lamps are produced using the equipment of the fifth generation, whereas prior to this, LG Display used equipment second generation.

As can be seen in the next photo, the panels can be of different shapes. In all cases, the lifetime of these lamps is 30 to 40 thousand hours. If you use them for about 10 hours a day, the period of slowly may exceed 10 years.

Mass production of the lighting panels will start early next year.



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