LG plans next year to begin production of TVs with screens quantum dots

Executive Vice President and General Manager of division of LG Home Entertainment at the IFA exhibition in 2016 told about the plans of the company in respect of televisions with screens on quantum dots. As it turned out, the South Korean manufacturer plans to launch these devices as early as next year, trying to catch up with rival company Samsung.

LG will position the televisions with LCD panels, which have found application technology of quantum dots, just below the upper segment engaged in OLED TVs.

As you know, in 2014, Samsung and LG took a course on quantum dots, because to reduce the cost of OLED technology by that time failed. Later, however, LG went back to the advancement of OLED, while Samsung manufactures the TVs on quantum dots.

LG says that its quantum dots technology different from the technology used by Samsung.

Source: CDR info, The Korea Herald



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