LG, Moto and Huawei will not release new models of smart watches this year

The smartwatch market continues to grow at a decent pace, but sales still amount to several millions of units per quarter.

Manufacturers have realized that to fill the market with many new models makes no sense. For example, Samsung and all regrouped to release one flagship model per year.

According to the source, LG, Moto and Huawei will not release a single new model of smart watches before the end of this year. And, judging by the statements of the representatives of these companies, the trio became a very careful look at this segment.

For example, a representative of Moto said the brand sees a future for the smartwatch with a modem connection, but while such devices unduly compromised. Huawei also said that he expects more suitable for this segment features that will be more accessible and more energy-efficient.

We will remind, Moto and Huawei their latest devices introduced in the last year, that is the lifetime of their models is already more than a year.


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