LG has shared details about the cameras of the smartphone LG G6

LG continues to publish new information about the flagship smartphone LG G6, which must be submitted at the end of this month at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2017.

The LG blog has published an article which relates to cameras of the smartphone. We will remind, the main camera consists of two modules, as the predecessor of the LG G5. Modules resolution main camera is 13 MP, and the viewing angle is 125°. Wide angle lens will allow you to fit more in the frame, for example, when photographing landscapes. Judging by the picture, the angle of the front camera is 100°.

In addition, the main camera will include a few built-in modes including a panoramic viewing angle of 360°, the mode of photographing food that makes colors more saturated, different modes for selfies, and a new Square camera mode.

In camera mode, Square screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 will be divided into two equal square, one of which will display the most recent picture, as well as tools for quick editing or processing in the social network. Photos with an aspect ratio of 1:1 is, for example, in Instagram.



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