LG has introduced the T9 record cleaner with suction power of 250 Watts and other novelties

Company LG Electronics today introduced a new line of wireless vacuum cleaners CordZero LG ART Series, which included models A9, R9 and T9.

Model LG A9 is positioned as the world’s most powerful cordless upright vacuum cleaner, its suction power is 140 Watts. The representatives of LG said that LG A9 weighs about the same as competing models of Dyson, but he got a double battery that allows you to work without recharging up to 80 minutes.

Robot vacuum cleaner LG R9 got the technology of deep learning Deep ThinQ, which allows him to clean the room faster and more efficiently. To control the vacuum through the LG Smart ThinQ app.

Suction power models: LG T9 is 250 Watts, this is a record for the industry. The models are equipped with sensors that allow you to bend around obstacles, and automatically follow the user.

The heart of all models of LG CordZero ART Series is the smart inverter motor, which operates at 115 thousand rpm. Proprietary technology LG guarantees 10 years of operation of the cleaner without any problems.

LG added that it plans to become one of the leader in this market segment.



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