LG has introduced a wireless headset Tone Studio Tone Free

Company LG Electronics will show at the consumer electronics show CES 2017, which will take place next week in Las Vegas, a number of new devices, including wireless headsets Tone and Studio Tone Free.

LG Tone Studio (model number HBS-W120) contains four loudspeaker that allow you to create a surround sound effect while watching movies or in video games. The device was designed with the participation of specialists of the company DTS. LG Tone Studio includes is still unknown DAC, which is responsible for high-quality playback.

Free LG Tone (model number HBS-F110) is the first product of LG that includes wireless headphones. Headphones charged, when positioned in a neck wrap. Latest headphones provides an additional boost of energy and vibrates, notifying you of incoming calls and messages. In addition, securing the headphones in your seats, you will reduce the likelihood of loss.

LG Tone Free supports voice commands, which can be, in particular, to answer the call. Additionally provided charging accessory with a larger capacity.

In addition, LG will show the headset Tone Ultra and Tone Infinim that are created with the participation of JBL.



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