LG goes Samsung will use in its smartphones technology MST for the implementation of the payment service

The mobile payments market is growing quite a serious pace. To pay for your purchases without using credit cards and pin input is really easy, especially because with a smartphone you can snap as many Bank cards, and even gift, various membership cards and so on.

Among several popular payment services only Samsung Pay allows you to pay for goods and services in places where there are usual terminals for cards with a magnetic strip. The corresponding technology is called MST and after the purchase of its developers, LoopPay, it is property of Samsung.

Of course, sooner or later these terminals will remain in history, replaced by more modern counterparts. But this is unlikely to happen soon, and obviously some markets will come with a huge delay.

Apparently realizing the benefits of this technology, it note decided to take the LG. At least according to the source, LG will use the MST technology in its next flagship smartphone. Apparently, this refers to LG G6.

Recall, LG was a project of its own payment system Pay LG with the use of special cards. Its launch was postponed, and now, if you believe the information provided, the company refused from this idea in favor of the use MST in smartphones.

It is reported that LG will not be patenting the technology from Samsung. This means that LG at least is already working on the same technology as the launch of the G6 there is not much time.



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