LG gave its new smart refrigerator with the support of the voice assistant Alexa

News about the voice assistant Amazon Alexa more and more. Here at CES 2017 there were some interesting devices that support this artificial intelligence.

Among them stands out the smart refrigerator LG Smart InstaView family with a huge 29-inch touchscreen display and support for Alexa. Voice assistant in this case is designed not only for support but also for solving problems that are directly associated with the refrigerator and its contents.

In particular, the Alexa can tell which products end, and the voice command is sufficient to order from your favorite online store. A refrigerator can store the expiration dates of products and to remind you, if some of them such coming to an end. There is inside the fridge and megapixel camera with a wide angle lens that allows via a smartphone to look at the availability of products, for example, from the store to decide what to buy.

A fridge stands that are used in the display based on the transparent substrate, so by disabling it, you can peek inside without opening the door. Operates a device running WebOS. Cost data model with support for Alexa yet.



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