LG G6 was surprisingly rugged smartphone

Brand new smartphone LG G6 already visited our lab, leaving a purely positive experience. We will remind, the device is made in mint for LG style with glass front and back.

Against this background, the question arose about the strength of the housing LG G6. It and decided to check a known enthusiast jerryrigeverything once.

As always, the start was checked the resistance of the protective glass of the screen scratch. Like most flagship smartphones, LG G6 received a glass that can scratch the material with a Mohs ‘ hardness of at least 6.

Unfortunately, the glass that protects the main dual camera, scratch easier. In this case the glass covering the back side of the smartphone, with a utility knife does not scratch.

Well, the usual bending test showed that G6 is a robust smartphone that can not be bent, applying a typical force that can not but rejoice, especially given the failed test HTC U Ultra.



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