LG Electronics increased its revenues, profits and smartphone sales

LG Electronics is among the other reported for the first quarter of the 2017 financial year.

Sales for the quarter amounted to about USD 13 billion, 9.7% higher than in the same period last year. The division of Home Appliance & Air Solution showed approximately the same increase: 9.9%, to $ 4 billion. Unit Mobile Communications, including smartphones, brought the company approximately $ 2.7 billion, raising the figure for the year was 1.7%. The division of Home Entertainment rescued 3.83 billion dollars and is about the same as a year ago. But the young unit Components Vehicle though and only got 775 million dollars, but managed to increase the index by 47.8%.

Operating profit for the entire company increased by 82% to 815,5 million dollars. Net profit reached $ 740 million, or more than four times higher than in the first quarter of 2016. During the quarter, LG sold 14.8 million smartphones, which is 10% more than the year before and even 5% more than last quarter, although usually the last quarter of the year due to Christmas sales is more successful.



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