LG Display will master serial production of the screens to turn off TVs in 2020

According to the source, LG Display in 2020 will master serial production of collapsible screens for TVs. First turn the TVs are based on OLED panels of size 55 and 75 inches.

The South Korean manufacturer has decided to master the production of these panels in the enterprise Paju P10, which is now expanding.

It is expected that 55-inch collapsible TV will cost more than $26 000. The price will depend on design features such as, whether the TV is mounted on the wall.

Turn the TV can be collapsed while not in use. Due to this saves space and the TV becomes portable.

Presumably, the appearance of a collapsible TVs will enliven competition in the TV market, since the potential for better image quality in this sense has been exhausted.

Source: Business Korea

LG Display


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