LG Display was able to buy two more machine Canon Tokki for the production of OLED displays

In April it became known that LG Display was able to order only one of the seven machines of Canon Tokki, which will be released this year. Recall, these machines are used for the production of OLED displays.

As it became known today, LG Display was able to buy two more machine Canon Tokki to be installed on the production of South Korean company in December this year and February next. Samsung Display was able to capture about 95% of the market thanks to the close partnership that had developed it with a Japanese manufacturer of machine tools in 2015.

One such machine costs about us $ 114 million, it can monthly produce about 15 thousand OLED panels of the sixth generation, which are used in modern smartphones.

LG Display also orders a machine from Sunic System, however, OLED panel, produced on them will be Chinese customers and parent company LG. Because Apple requires that the OLED displays for iPhone 8 produced only the machines of Canon Tokki.

LG Display should start supplying OLED displays for smartphones iPhone in 2019, and until then the only provider will be the Samsung.



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