LG Display switches to OLED panels from double-layer structure to three layer

At the event International Display Workshops (IDW) 2016, which recently passed in Japan, the company LG Display announced the development of OLED lighting panels and OLED TV panels with a new, three-layer structure. According to the manufacturer, the change allowed us to expand the color gamut from 114% to 129% of sRGB and 90% to 99% color space DCI. TV panel size 55 inch diagonally, which uses a new structure, with the full white shading shows the brightness of 150 CD/m2. Peak white brightness is 500 CD/m2. The power consumption in comparison with panels with a double-layered structure is reduced by 20%.

Panel WOLED TVs include blue, yellow-green and blue layers.

Three-layer WOLED lighting panel, represented by LG Display, includes green-red, blue and green-red layers. It shows out of 90 LM/W. Color panel temperature equal to 2850 K, the warm white light and a color rendering index of equal to 88. The release of such lighting panels will start in the third quarter of 2017 5G on line.

Source: OLED net



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