LG Display is confident that OLED panels will replace the usual TVs, Windows and mirrors

Technical Director of LG Display Kang In-biong (Kang, In-byeong), speaking at a conference in Korea, made his forecast of the market of OLED panels for the next three years.

«The supply of OLED panels for smartphones will significantly exceed demand by 2020, he said. — Despite this, the innovative OLED technology will continue to evolve.»

According to him, in 2020, manufacturers will need 7.3 million square meters of OLED panels, while producers by that time will be able to produce more than 25 million square meters of such displays a year.

According to him, the position of forces on the OLED market will change significantly in the next five years thanks to Chinese manufacturers. Currently the overall leader of the market is the Samsung OLED, in the segment of large panels is dominated by LG. In the coming years to increase production BOE, Visionox, EverDisplay Optronics, Truly, AOU, Tianma and other companies.

With regard to the further development of OLED technology, according to Kang, in the future they will be able to play sounds, be used as a mirror and become fully transparent, if necessary. They replace the conventional TVs, Windows and mirrors.

By 2020, the share of LG Display in OLED market should be 40%, while last year it was only 5%.



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