LG Display expects to put the foldable OLED panel companies Apple, Google and Microsoft

Samsung Display and LG Display will soon begin the struggle for a new market segment — the foldable OLED panel for smartphones. According to the source, LG Display collaborates in this direction with Apple and Google, hoping to begin serial production of collapsible panels in 2018 and put them Apple, Google and Microsoft. Cooperation with third-party companies due to the fact that LG Display could not rely on the purchase of LG Electronics. As you know, LG Electronics is greatly inferior in the smartphone market to Samsung Electronics, which will purchase foldable OLED panel for smartphones at Samsung Display, using the advantage of vertical integration.

Reportedly, LG Display already had a prototype made on a high technical level. The source notes that Apple has patented many developments in the field of foldable electronic devices. It is expected that in 2017 Apple will release a phone with a flexible OLED screen, which has to compete with smartphones and tablets from Samsung Electronics with folding screens.

Source: Etnews

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