LG Display expects by 2020 to 50% of the income of OLED panels

LG Display is now receiving at the expense of OLED panels for approximately 10% of total income. The South Korean manufacturer aims to increase this figure to 2020 OLED panel provides 50% of the income.

Almost all income associated with the OLED, bring panels for TVs. In two years the company managed to increase the percentage yield of the products up to 80%. For comparison: to get this figure in the production of LCD panels at the time, it took 10 years. Prices for OLED panel is also reduced faster than that in the case of LCD panels.

By 2020, LG Display expects to expand production of OLED six times compared with today, and if we talk only about the production of panels on plastic substrates, even at fourteen.

Source: OLED-Info



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